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[Custom Maid #299, front] Description:
Stock #PGR5C1

Side-zipped high-waisted long leg panty girdle with satin front and back panels, Style #299 by Custom Maid is a reproduction of a famous Poirette panty girdle. Other features: reinforced side panels, boning in front, sides and back, lace leg bands, nylon split crotch and 6 detachable metal garters. Classically designed long leg panty girdle; quite controlling. These girdles are all new, old store stock; some (but not all) are in original packaging. Please note that the long line bra seen in one photo is not available for sale.

SIZES Available:

26, one (1) in stock.

38, one (1) in stock.

Price: $72.50

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[Custom Maid #299, back]
[Custom Maid #299, left]
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Updated Sep 20, 2010